Why we formed and how we work with others

Remember in 2011 when the Gillard government announced great rebates for home solar systems and thousands of dodgy fly-by-night PV companies appeared…well, overnight?

EV uptake is at a tipping point. Within the next 5-10 years, Australia and New Zealand will see a huge increase in private, commercial and government ownership of vehicles and infrastructure.

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Our members have been working towards this clean transport transition for a long time. In some cases, for decades. We do things right, we do them efficiently, and with passion and dedication.

The EV Alliance wants to ensure the newcomers looking to make a quick buck off the back of the EV revolution don’t give the industry a bad name in the public eye. Or worse, cause physical harm or damage to people, vehicles and buildings.


We help private EV owners, commercial, business, fleet, industry and governments with holistic solutions to transitioning to electric vehicles.

As the world turns to low or zero-emission transport for both personal and commercial use, we want to help people, business and governments across Australia and New Zealand access sound and reliable advice on how to get the jump on EV technology and infrastructure.

Our network of members covers a broad range of high-quality industry professionals, including experts in the areas of electric vehicle innovation and purchasing, renewable energy, sustainable living and EV charging infrastructure installation and management.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of rapid transition to a sustainable, emission-less personal and commercial transport future for Australia and New Zealand!

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The EV Alliance is all about getting the best sustainable transport outcome for Australia and New Zealand in the quickest time possible. We invite you to work with us because:


We verify our members


​EVA members are bound by a code of conduct to provide products and services that are of a high serviceable quality, great value and fully compliant with local home and workplace safety legislation.


By selecting an EV Alliance member you have the confidence that the solution or product you are selecting and the advice you are receiving is top notch and fit for purpose. 


Unfortunately, when new industries and ideas emerge, so does a ‘Wild West’ element of cheap imports, shonky sellers and unserviceable products. We want to avoid that and create a smooth road to EV transition.


We advocate for EVs


Without agenda or bias we will strive to make sure all corporate and government decisions are in the best interests and the best value for the owners of EVs and EV charging infrastructure.


We provide consultation


Impartial consultation for businesses, councils, corporates, owners corporations, estimators, developers and motoring organisations, ensure that every single dollar invested in the EV market has maximum ROI.

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The EV Alliance is proudly supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand for home, business, industry and government.

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