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What we would like from our members

Before you become a member of the EVA, we have some 'rules to live by' that we'd like to share with you.

We believe our code of conduct is core to winning and retaining the respect of the people, organisations, media and stakeholders that make up the EV and driving community in Australia. 

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That's why we ask all EVA members to:

  • always work collaboratively with all members towards the common goal of EV uptake in Australia and NZ

  • where possible, contribute to the educational and advocacy activities of the EVA

  • behave, speak and act with integrity and respect for EVA members, the EV industry, our natural environment and the transition to emission-free transport

  • always be inclusive, accepting of differences and show respect for the human rights of all members

  • accept and act in accordance with any collaboratively agreed future changes to the EVA code of conduct

We also ask that all organisations and businesses who are members of the EVA to:

  • strive to demonstrate and promote waste-free, emission-free and clean energy practices at your workplace

  • always conduct business in accordance, and in compliance, with the laws of the state and country in which you operate

  • agree to work collaboratively with business competitors when furthering the goals of the EV Alliance to provide advocacy and assistance to drive the uptake of EVs in Australia and NZ

  • act fairly and ethically when dealing with industry competitors outside EV Alliance activities

  • refrain from making representations to the media, government or other agencies on behalf of the EV Alliance, without the express written permission of our core team

While we welcome everyone to join the EV Alliance, we reserve the right to discontinue membership for any individual or organisation in breach of this code of conduct.

The EV Alliance is an inclusive and accessible collective of people, businesses and organisations who have a common aim; the uptake and use of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

We’d like to invite anyone interested in supporting the transition to emission-free transport to complete the form above so we can discuss which membership category and benefits are right for you.

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