The people who have co-founded the EV Alliance

We're a group of EV enthusiasts, owners, businesses and advocates aiming to promote and encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

The EV Alliance is run by our core team who represent our member network. If you're interested in becoming a member, we'd love to hear from you.

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Russ Shepherd, EVolution Australia.
Formerly a computer engineer, Russ’s interest in EVs started a decade ago and has grown into a full service EV charging solutions business. With clients across Australia and New Zealand, Russ also designs and manufactures local EV chargers and is a passionate advocate for EV uptake.

Kay Wennagel, Renewables Specialist.
An active member of Renew and ATA, what Kay doesn’t know about being kind to the environment isn’t worth mentioning. She’s also an accomplished podcaster with the popular Beyond Zero.

Gus Padhila, Fleet Specialist.
A long term advocate for EVs within local government and businesses across all industries, Gus understands perfectly the benefits of introducing electric vehicles into your fleet.

Sylvia Wilson, EV advocate.
The first woman to drive a Tesla S around Australia, Sylvia and her EV ‘Bluey’ achieved worldwide recognition on completion of her 20,000km trip. Through social media, Sylvia now advocates for the uptake of EVs here and abroad.

Iain Terry, Compliance Manager.
Iain is a long-term EV fanatic, conversion and infrastructure expert with a  computer engineer background. Obsessed with value for money even when it’s not his own, but especially when it’s public spend.

Ryan Hammond, Director, Sealed Performance Batteries.
With an power distribution and automation background, Ryan now specialises in energy storage for a range of applications, assisting Australian businesses and individuals create and use self-generated renewable energy.

The EV Alliance is proudly supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand for home, business, industry and government.

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