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Who is part of the team and why we'd love to have you onboard

The EV Alliance is a diverse group businesses and organisations with a common passion.


We are driving the graceful but accelerated uptake of electric vehicle technology in Australia and New Zealand.​

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We’re proud to have as members some of Australia and New Zealand’s best, brightest and most passionate EV people, businesses and organisations.

All member businesses who supply, install, design or manufacture electric vehicles or charging infrastructure are verified by the EV Alliance’s core team and abide by strict compliance standards so we can confidently recommend them to anyone who has questions, or wants to know more about buying or owning an electric vehicle.

To find out more about membership of the EV Alliance, please complete this form or give us a call.

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The EV Alliance is an inclusive and accessible collective of people, businesses and organisations who have a common aim; the uptake and use of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

We’d like to invite anyone interested in supporting the transition to emission-free transport to complete the form above so we can discuss which membership category and benefits are right for you.

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