Specs, costs and where to find an EV that fits your budget and circumstances

It's one of the most asked questions in any conversations about electric vehicles; 'how much do they cost?'

What many people don't know is that there are a range of EVs available on the Australian and New Zealand both ends of the price scale.

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EVs and PHEVs currently available include
Where to find your electric vehicle

The simplest way to get behind the wheel of an EV is to purchase a second hand vehicle, either through a importer or reputable online car selling sites.

As the uptake of EVs accelerates in Australia and New Zealand, along with the required public charging infrastructure to support driver confidence, more used EVs will become available.

This, in conjunction with the ongoing and rapid development of the EV sector, means the availability of affordable, practical and sustainable personal and commercial transport will soon reach parity with traditionally fuelled vehicles.

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