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The EV Alliance is a diverse group of electric vehicle conversion and servicing businesses with a common passion; to encourage the safe & professional conversion of fleet, classic and modern vehicles to electric drive.


Interested in an EV conversion?

All EV Alliance experts who specialise in the conversion of electric vehicles abide by strict compliance standards so they can confidently answer questions, provide components and give advice to anyone wanting to know more.


If you're converting a car yourself, please visit the DIY page to find helpful resources and links to our regular webinars.

The EV Alliance is an inclusive and accessible collective of people, businesses and organisations who have a common aim; the uptake and use of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.


We’d like to invite anyone interested in supporting the transition to emission-free transport to complete the form above so we can discuss which membership category and benefits are right for you.

These cars are electric...

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Electric Car Cafe

Melbourne-based EV conversion and servicing workshop, working on all EVs

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EV Torque

Conversions and servicing, specialising in custom design and manufacturing

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EV Classic

Conversion workshop in beautiful Byron, specialising in VW Kombis

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 9.46.45 pm.png

Traction EV

EV West affiliated conversion workshop specialising in classic cars

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Charged Garage

Collaborative EV conversions with subscription ownership model



Land Cruiser conversions for the mining sector

The EV Alliance is proudly supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand for home, business, industry and government.

Contact the EV Alliance for Australia and New Zealand. 

 1300 85 46 45