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How to find reliable, smart and safety compliant electric vehicle charging solutions

Sometimes it’s less about the electric vehicle hardware and more about the overall solution.


When it comes to deploying a public charging solution it’s not just about deploying the fastest unit your business or municipality can afford.

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There are also considerations such as monitoring and management, load balancing and supply constraints to consider.


And that’s all before we get to AC vs DC and the thorny subject of monetisation and ROI. This is why a consultation with an experienced electric vehicle infrastructure company is essential for a favourable outcome.

The companies listed below are considered business leaders and are categorised as solution providers, not just installers or resellers.


EVolution Australia – Melbourne-based company with nationwide reach and responsible for the largest retail EV rollout in Australia and many council and corporate deployments. EVolution has been around since 2015, offers a genuine nationwide across Australia and New Zealand. And unique to EVolution, they write their own software and make their own hardware.

South Australia

Gelco Services – an Adelaide-based automotive industry consulting firm, specialising in electrochemical engineering, particularly related to the testing of automotive batteries, EV charge systems and infrastructure. Gelco has a fully equipped technical laboratory for the effective validation of automotive batteries and other automotive equipment such as battery testing devices, battery related accessories and metallurgical investigations, as well as EV charge systems development.

Western Australia

Switched On WA - the premier infrastructure provider in the Perth area with many installations under their belt. Just don’t mention the 2013 Grand Final.


Tesla Edison - Probably the best EV infrastructure name in the business and also just so happens to be the go-to firm for major EV infrastructure projects in Queensland.

If you have any questions about EV charging infrastructure, or would like to organise a no-obligation discussion for your home-based, government, construction or other project, we invite you to get in touch with one of these EV Alliance members.

Furthermore, if you would like an impartial assessment of your requirements then by all means drop a note to and we will advise you on the best approach, procurement and engagement model.

If you’re in the EV charging infrastructure industry and would like to enquire about EV Alliance membership, please contact us.

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