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Australia's largest bus maker moving to electric

Australia's largest bus bodymaker, Volgren, has launched its first pure battery electric bus.

After months of planning and development, the 39-seater bus has been unveiled with a 324kW battery and a driving range of up to 300km.

The 12.2 meter-long chassis is from Chinese automaker BYD, which already supplies a third of all electric buses to the US.

The electric model will not only mean cheaper running costs, but the environmental benefits of zero carbon emissions, particulate and NOx emissions that make diesel buses so damaging to air quality and public health will be a welcome change by everyone.

Outside of Australia, electric buses have become extremely popular, which may indicate how the new buses will be received in Australia. China has 99% of the world's 425,000 electric buses. The UK has 100 BYD double-decker buses in operation. Auckland Buses in NZ are also adding electric buses to their fleet as part of their Low Emissions Bus Roadmap. This initiative may be a sign of things to come here in Australia.

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